Cookin' Daddy

Play as a daddy cooking meals for your family! Cook as many recipes as fast as you can to top the leaderboards and assert your vigorous dad energy!

UI Controls

You can use arrows keys or mouse to navigate UI!

Game Controls

Left, Down, and Right keys.

ESC to Pause

Real Talk with Trix

Hey buddy, this is Trixelbit speaking. Let's have a little heart to heart.

A year ago from now, I was someone who took pride in doing game development solo. Working with a team is something that was far removed from me. Yet this past year, I've come to meet amazing people. People who became comrades and confidants.

Today, I take pleasure in presenting the first game we have created start to finish as team.

Enjoy our work and expect more from Trixelbit Arcade!

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  • General optimizations to make the game run better on lower end computers.
  • Count down timer faster now.
  • Anti Cheater measures have been implemented.
  • Save system has been refactored. Local highscores have be wiped but are now safe for all future updates.
  • Intro announcer voice now synched in intro.